About Me

I am Xucong Zhan, a frontend + backend developer aiming to become truly full-stack. I am familiar with frameworks like Angular, Vue, Django and Flask. Working mainly with Java and SAPUI5 in my current day job, I am constantly learning new things and tinkering around.


  • 2022.07 - Today


    Frontend + Backend Engineer

  • 2018.10 - 2022.03

    University of Michigan - Center for Academic Innovation

    Frontend + Backend Engineer

Interests (probably should have focused more…)

  • Languages: TypeScript, Java, C#, Rust, Golang
  • Frameworks: Spring Boot, FastAPI, ASP.NET Core, Actix, Angular, Vue,and Web Assembly
  • Containers: Docker, Podman and OpenShift
  • Dev Tools: VS Code, IntelliJ, WSL and Vim NeoVim (Discovered AstroNvim some time ago and had been using it ever since. Love it! ❤️)